Hi there! My name is Yasamin Heshmat. I am a UX researcher with an engineering and computer science background who loves creativity and is eager to improve people’s lives by using technology and creating new designs. In work, you can find me designing and running studies, creating prototypes, or going deep in data analysis and making sense of the data while enjoying my favorite cup of tea or coffee. In my free time, I co-host and produce a podcast about modern life issues and topics we face everyday.

I recently finished my Ph.D. at SIAT (School of Interactive Arts and Technology), Simon Fraser University (Surrey, BC, Canada).  In my Ph.D. studies, I focused on the field of HCI due to its balance between design and study of people which both are fascinating to me. Generally, I am interested in knowing how we can improve people domestic lives by using technology. Considering the accessibility to technology in the 21st century, there can be many things done to make individuals have a better experience with different systems and tools in connecting with close ones and a better understanding of self. My current main focus is on using different design principles to change the perception of communication tools used for connecting with loved ones over distance.

Here is a video of my PhD project, called FamilyStories: