Video-based Medical Consultations in the Home

Nowadays patients are starting to be able to communicate with their doctor through video conferencing tools such as Skype. However, insights for designers focusing on creating such systems for patients’ was missing.

For this study, I helped the team to create scenarios of patients visiting doctors by using video conferencing tools and conducting contextual interviews with 21 participants to learn about their past in-person appointments with their doctor and their opinions about futuristic video-based appointments. The results showed both benefits and challenges for video-based appointments including the diagnosis process, comfortableness, trust, inhibition, and privacy issues.

This work is published as :

Han, D., Heshmat, Y. & Neustaedter, C. (2020) Exploring Video Conferencing for Doctor Appointments in the Home: A Scenario-Based Approach from Patients’ Perspectives Proceedings of Graphics Interface New York, NY, USA, ACM Press.